Encouraging optimism

Over the years I have had many a debate with colleagues about my optimistic nature and attitude towards life but I don’t know any other better way do you?

An ex-boyfriend who I sometimes accused of being negative if he threw too much water on my latest dream….would correct me and say he was just a realist.  However, on the other hand he so often congratulated me recognising that I was a great ideas person. He stood back in amazement at how in no time whatsoever I would be talking about a project and then doing it. I guess that can also be described as an ‘I can do’ ethos, maybe a  passion in believing in myself and my abilities to succeed. Then again others would say sounds like sheer madness.

Having said all this, I used to work within a legal environment so I also come from a position of preventative rather than cure… so what may appear to some as an instant decision, I will have been planning for some time and have really agonised about the risks.

So I believe what I am saying is we creative types are not completely crazy you know and more often than not our ideas do come to fruition and often help others in the process.

In life we have to sometimes just run with things and hope beyond even our own wildest dreams that things will work out. If we don’t at least try how will we ever know our own limitations? Being curious is what keeps us interesting after all isn’t it?

I strongly believe that things that are meant to be will be, however we can help our destiny along by being proactive and optimistic rather than sitting around waiting for life to happen and complaining when it doesn’t.


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