A new life

There is nothing to match the arrival of a new life in one’s family unit. For those we love we pray for a safe delivery and that mum and baby are both fine. Once we know for certain that Mum is Ok and the new baby is healthy we then enjoy the excitement and beauty of that new miracle of life.

This is one occasion when I thank the modern technology for enabling me to see a photo of my adorable great nephew just half an hour after making his grand entrance.

I always was a ‘great auntie’ to my nieces and nephews but the last few years I have also been a ‘Great Aunt’! Now I know I am old.

And… as always, I will say how my wonderful mother would have loved this new generation – I look at them and imagine what the future holds for them something special I suspect.

As I have got older I understand why Mum used to go to church and thank God for any safe delivery of grandchildren born, I did my thanks last night too.


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