Alzheimer’s Society

Regular followers will know I often talk about transient reminiscent bumps which are triggers bringing memories flooding back. It is not necessarily a bad thing to release stored emotions and a trigger is indeed a release valve enabling this.

These triggers/bumps may take the form of happy memories too inspired by our senses i.e. visually looking at photographs, listening to music, smelling perfumes or even tasting a sweet from our childhood.

Recently the news has been full of exciting announcements of new drugs hopefully to  help people with dementia in the future.

For those with loved ones suffering from dementia there’s useful information available from the Alzheimer’s Society. I thoroughly recommend carers, friends and family to take a look at their website  and check out their vast list of leaflets.

I have just received and read: ‘Staying involved and active’ and ‘communicating’ Both offering really practical tips and extremely well written.

As I have always known writing can be very therapeutic as I found when running writers groups and having one-to-one time with clients.



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