Family love

Nothing stronger than the bonds of a parent and a child and in our family that extends to aunties too. We are a spiritual lot in our family and when one of my nieces was  in labour a few years back I spent a rather unsettled morning and felt very in tune with said expectant mother…we joked about this today with her reminding me she had it far worse.

Seriously though we had another arrival this week, on Thursday evening around eleven I was tired and took myself off to bed but just couldn’t get settled and ended up coming down stairs, making tea and mooching around watching bad TV until nearly five.  What I didn’t know is my sister was also doing exactly the same at the same time.

What you may ask curiously was causing this sleepless agitated night in the family…My Nephew and Godson’s wife went into labour at eleven and our latest arrival put in an appearance Friday morning.

We are all thrilled to welcome another dolly into the family…the next generation and I wish my great niece a long, healthy and exciting life which I will enjoy observing.

Thanks to those angels who watched over our lovely new mum giving a safe delivery and a beautiful daughter.


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