Respecting women

I am deeply saddened by on-going reports of attacks on young girls on University Campuses and even more surprised that well-being/safety talks are either being poorly attended and/or promoted.If your University have gone to the trouble to organise these please attend.

Fortunately there are more young well-behaved gentlemen who are genuinely focused on their studies and who have been brought up to respect girls than the small minority that obviously do not.

However, as parents it is a continual worry that our young girls are at risk from the small minority who will take advantage of their vulnerability in more ways than one. There is the lad culture of not respecting women and comments made by the US Presidency candidate are totally unacceptable and disgraceful.

Sensible girls, drink in moderation and ensure they come home safely from events with the friends they arrived with. We all know how difficult it is to persuade somebody who has been attracted to somebody of the opposite sex through ‘beer goggles’ that they may be heading in the wrong direction and should come home and sober up.

Equally there are of course some girls who lead boys on intentionally or not and the lines become blurred. Please stay sober and safe and look after each other. Have fun but…in moderation.



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