Students -TV License Charges

My followers know I don’t normally use my blog to have a rant but today I will!

Can anybody explain to me how the TV Licensing Board can really justify hitting the students at university so heavily with their imposed license fees?

So…if you live in a shared flat, with each student having their own tenancy agreement, each person has to buy a license especially it seems if you also have the luxury of your own exclusive washing facilities. So as an example a flat of five students who share kitchen and lounge/diner all have to buy their own license i.e. £147 x 5.

As a parent trying to finance a child away from home I am certain I am not alone in thinking this is outrageous. But as I explained to my own daughter a threat of a £1,000 fine is far worse.

It also appears students are not even allowed to pay monthly to spread the cost, they have to pay in six monthly installments making it around £25 a month. Let’s hope when they go home for the summer they get a refund paid as eagerly as it seems the TV Licensing Board are in collecting monies.

By the way I was asked to post this today by several parents equally as mortified.


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