Keeping active, positive and finding time to laugh

Yesterday I went to hear a local speaker the lovely and talented Zena Skinner talk at a U3A meeting.

This amazing woman, a young ninety year old has led a rewarding and busy life as a celebrity TV cook, radio and public speaker as well as an impressive fundraiser for various charities. Those who know and love her locally know the great works she does in supporting a local hospice for children (Keech Hospice)

The audience were treated to a collection of amusing stories of her life in the Wrens and the colourful life as a cook and demonstrator. She shows no signs of slowing down and truly is an inspiration and really enjoys making people laugh.

Zena’s closing comment was:

 ‘If we don’t’s not worth living, the more we laugh the more we live.’

My own mentor always maintained a laugh was as good as a tonic. I love that sentiment and shared this with a friend earlier this afternoon,  I know he follows my blog and I am sending him a huge spiritual hug.


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