Being grateful

It’s been the longest time that I have been away from my blog as I decided on a few days reduced technology. Instead I have focused on my chocolate eating…

I have been extremely fortunate in being surrounded by those I love this Christmas and received some truly fab gifts. Including a mug saying ‘silly old woman’..yep that’s me! Like many families we have had our difficulties to overcome even over the festive period but we managed to set those aside and enjoy each other’s company and be grateful for all that we have rather than focus on what isn’t going right – as that’s life.

This year we have had one or two unusual presents enter our home though being slightly crazy and very quirky my ones were well received! I won’t mention the really odd gift which strangely enough has been a great sense of intrique and amusement to one and all. Laughter is of course the best tonic and we are never short of that in our house mainly at my expense as my beautiful daughter thinks I am a bit wierd…

To said daughter who sometimes reads my blog I am sending heart felt wishes for a very Happy Birthday and may all your dreams and desires come true. I am prouder than words can ever are indeed my best project ever.

As my own Mother used to say:

‘I love every hair on your head and there are too many to count’


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