A great generation

Earlier today I was swapping stories and memories and discussed the great generation that lived through the second world war. I know my own mother told me many a tale of bravery beyond comprehension, she was made of sterner stuff than I for certain.

Seriously though, I know my amazing mother chose to sleep in her own bed during the blitz of London as opposed to being cramped in the air raid shelter with the rest of her family. This brave lady always believed when you numbers up it’s up and refused to be scared or give in whatever cards were dealt her in life.

I am sharing some of her wisdom in my latest project ‘A Mother’s Love’ -‘ My Mum said…Gospels According to Dorothy’ now available from Amazon Kindle store.

Not a day goes by where I don’t find something good to remember about this fabulous mentor.

Remember to appreciate your parents whilst they are here and tell them on a regular basis that you love them.


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