International Nurses Day

I love it when these special days are announced giving a focus on a charity, cause or profession. I have many friends and family who work or have worked in the nursing profession and we all know nurses are on the front end and often get taken for granted.

I remember going to a medical meeting when patients due to have operations were reminded that recovery is 20% surgeon and 80% patient in terms of doing their physio etc.

Having had my share of hospital treatment over the years I think the above ratio should have included nursing. I know after having two major operations the nursing care and support I received was amazing and equally as vital as the surgeon’s skills. In my experience day care nurses are always on the ball and thorough in their attendance of patients too.

Middle management often make financial decisions which affect the wellbeing of patients often ignore the pleas of our nurses who are far better informed on what works best and more important what is better for patient care.

Yes celebrate our nurses not just today but every day it is a caring calling with many going more than just an extra mile. Thank you for what they do never seems quite enough.


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