Dementia Awareness Week

Anyone who has either worked with or known somebody with dementia will know it can be a very sad time for all concerned.

However, personally I cannot recommend The Alzhiemer’s Society enough and I help with awareness all year but great to see a dedicated awareness week. They have such amazing literature available giving invaluable advice to help carers and family members try to understand and work with their family member/friend that has been diagnosed with this condition.

It is a shame that more support isn’t readily available at local GP surgeries as not everyone in close proximity of dementia has the time or energy to search out help and advice. For carers it can be nearon impossible to get out to local events as having to get cover can be extremely difficult.

Like with most serious illnesses those around need support and comfort too, so if you know a family having to cope offer a helping hand if you can. You can become a Dementia friend too all the information is available from The Alzhiemer’s Society’s website.

Remember: Kindness, patience and understanding go along way in oh so many circumstances…and the biggest gift any of us can give is our time.



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