Living safely..because of our Police

Once again we have seen amazing demonstrations of bravery, love and kindness in the face of adversity in response to unforgiveable actions at the weekend. We all have family who live and/or visit London on a regular basis and our first thoughts are to see they are safe. Mine were thankfully, but our hearts go out to anybody who has lost loved ones, watching those they love recover in hospital from their injuries or comforting those that witnessed the events unfold. The ripples are widespread.

All our emergency services have, as always, done us proud. Where do we ever see such a efficient response in eight minutes…I’ve waited longer on the phone to many an organisation.  Yet, we will still see people wanting to criticise our Police, their actions are governed daily by intricate laws, many of which do not apply to today’s society and, as we know often with a shortage of staff. However, where London is concerned last Saturday all the emergency services were on the spot and treating and helping people within minutes and in many cases putting their own lives at risk.

What an amazing visual seeing a Police Officer dancing with children at the Manchester One Love concert..our Police are human, brilliant and often taken for granted. We can only go on with our lives in the safe knowledge we have such dedicated individuals and that should never be forgotten.

I have always argued that we need Police visuality it will always acts as a deterrent and not just in inner cities but rural villages too.


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