Being grateful…volunteer

It  is very easy for any of us to focus on what is wrong in our lives rather than recognise the many things we have to feel grateful for. Nothing hits home more than perhaps visiting a childrens hospital, nursing home or watching programmes on TV like DIY SOS. Having seen the presenter interviewed about a particular episode I sat down to watch it on catch up. Two men had fostered then adopted four children three of them had severe disabilities of one kind or another and these amazing men were providing them with a home, a real family unit – love in abundance and tremendous care. This is kindness beyond compare and, rightly so, they were helped by the team of volunteer builders and trademen who, as the couple expressed had given their children independence by the changes they had made and a future. They cried and I did too.

We all too easily take the health of our loved ones for granted, but as I know from experience those parents with the most to cope with are often the ones that never complain about their lot. I salute them all on a regular basis and help where I can. As we know these are the very families that the system often fails and they are exhausted from their everyday life and having to fight for help.

As the DIY SOS programme shows the greatest gift we can give and quite easily so too is of course our time.  So if you know a family that may need a bit of help this week, step up and volunteer you will find it so rewarding and any help is really appreciated.


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