Feeling older…not uplifted!

As a regular blogger somehow this week I have been off air, with a collection of various articles in mind which would normally spur me on to write about my usual pet subjects…I was distracted by a Sunday supplement.

Lordy how I wish I had controlled my urge and left said mag closed. Inside were I am certain a collection of items of interest to those over 55! However, I found myself consumed by three: a stair lift, a face lift…and could I give my heart to a greyhound?

Feeling much older that when I started…soh barely in tact I will be honest much much older friends have said ‘the stairlift was a life saver’, I don’t know anybody close to me that has had/or maybe confessed to ever having a face lift…. Being single at this precise moment (chatting ysterday to a fellow single female friend) we both agreed maybe we should dip our toe back in the dating pool! Daunting as the dating arena may seem I really thought I would probably end up with some ‘old goat’ not a retired greyhound!

Seriously, I can strongly recommend adopting a retired greyhound as they make excellent pets…I cannot, however, say the same for ‘old goats’ (I mean grumpy gentlemen of a certain age) not the cute animals we see and love in petting zoos!

Think next Sunday I will stick to doing the crossword! Reverting back to the mag there was a useful shoe rack…. obviously for men and not girlies with 40 odd pairs!


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