Tell somebody you love them now

My amazing mother and mentor frequently reminded us as children that the time to be good to somebody is when they are here. These words of wisdom spoke often were her own form of mindfulness, reminding us that today was for living and that showing those that we care in thoughts, words or deed should always be high on our personal agenda.

I have just watched a short but touchingly emotive film ‘Our hearts are bigger’. It shows how a couple dealing with Dementia write beautiful love letters to one another and read them to help the challenge of memory loss that this sad illness steals. In many ways loved ones face a type of bereavement as they are forced to accept they are losing the person they knew and loved.

Dementia, causes, prevention and on-going care is being featured within all forms of news media this week and the increased awareness is well over due.

Being isolated and having feelings of isolation are common factors and anything any of us can do to help enrich the lives of carers and dementia sufferers can really make an impact.

And, as my mother used to say in reality we can only live a day at a time so make it count.

‘A Mother’s Love’ Gospels according to Dorothy…now available from Amazon Kindle.



you care


Start the week with kindness

Regular followers will know I often write about kindness and how it is a strength and not a weakness.  As children we were taught to be considerate of others and their feelings and how simple acts of kindness can go along way.

Somewhere in the midst of modern media the kindness factor seems to have disappeared and replaced with bullying as though it is ok to be unkind, rude and insensitive. I encourage mothers of teens to get them off of social media and out in the community.  Working with families I see on a regular basis just how damaging the ‘modern techno fun’ really is. Cyber bullying is causing all sorts of health and emotional issues for students and at a time when they are really vulnerable.

‘It’s a generation thing’ I am constantly told..sorry that doesn’t ring true it’s either right or wrong and hiding behind technology is no excuse.

I consider myself so lucky to have had a great mentor and friend in my own mother who quoted positively on a daily basis.  ‘A Mother’s Love’ Gospels according to Dorothy is available to download from Amazon Kindle which includes her story and mine and simple parenting advice.

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Being kind can be cool you know kids!! 

‘The Little Book of Kisses’

‘The Little book of Kisses’ by Dolly Christmas is available to download from Amazon Kindle; A good fun read but with some interesting facts you probably didn’t know about the various bonuses of kisssing…health related (including dental hygiene!!) and calorie loss…now there’s a good reason to read and get kissing.



‘A Mother’s Love’

‘A Mother’s Love’ My Mum said..Gospels according to Dorothy’  by Annie Manning is now available from Amazon to download. A Kindle publication @ £3.99 sharing advice and memories of the amazing relationship between a daughter and mother.

A reflective read acknowledging the role of a great mentor and best friend.

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Updating friends…in a flash

Ok today I stand accused of meaning to ring a client/friend for far too long. The years, then months go past far too quickly. We touch base on various forms of media and comment and congratulate each other on our latest achievements but…

In the middle of a hectic day two amazing women found time to quickly discuss a project and catch up on the achievements of our family. In just a short space of time we talked projects, publishing, education, counselling and we agreed on sensitive topics and how best to handle them, we laughed, we shared tips and exchanged knowledge on all manner of things! Women are so beautifully talented at fitting in so much, giving generously of ourselves to others, caring, giving advice in an instant then flying off to the next challenge.

Mary..recognise yourself?? Lovely catching up, I was mindful you were busy and I am racing against the clock. Quick meeting of minds with a fellow writer and positive spiritual person gives one that fab warm feeling!

My blog message today is to pick up that phone and speak to a human being it’s so much fun and rewarding.  Don’t wait for an excuse just do it!

My mum and Richard Gere

Everyone’s talking about the kindness of George Clooney visiting an 87 year old in a nursing home making her day. Well done George I say!

It immediately reminded me of my mum’s wee crush on Richard Gere and how her and a few ladies from her church club would take themselves off to the cinema to see his films. This really made me chuckle they were in their seventies. One day she did say;

‘I have left the bedroom window open, but, alas, he didn’t climb in’.

This was followed by the fact that;

‘Remember -having a man brings dirty socks too’. ..What a woman!

Why am  telling this story?… as we approach Mother’s day for those of us who find this day a struggle I am suggesting you think of a funny story of your own mother to bring a smile to your that is what they would want. For us to remember their love and the good times.

My own tribute to Dorothy (my mum) is available  now on Amazon Kindle.

‘A Mother’s Love’ My Mum said…Gospels according to Dorothy.


A great generation

Earlier today I was swapping stories and memories and discussed the great generation that lived through the second world war. I know my own mother told me many a tale of bravery beyond comprehension, she was made of sterner stuff than I for certain.

Seriously though, I know my amazing mother chose to sleep in her own bed during the blitz of London as opposed to being cramped in the air raid shelter with the rest of her family. This brave lady always believed when you numbers up it’s up and refused to be scared or give in whatever cards were dealt her in life.

I am sharing some of her wisdom in my latest project ‘A Mother’s Love’ -‘ My Mum said…Gospels According to Dorothy’ now available from Amazon Kindle store.

Not a day goes by where I don’t find something good to remember about this fabulous mentor.

Remember to appreciate your parents whilst they are here and tell them on a regular basis that you love them.

‘A Mother’s Love’

Morning my lovely followers and fellow writers. Just an update my publication:

‘A Mother’s Love’ My Mum said…Gospels according to Dorothy’

Is now available from kindle at £3.99 whilst I sort out a paperback version for those not signed up to kindle, don’t forget if you don’t have a kindle you can download free of charge the kindle app to your laptop.

Happy reading and feedback is always welcome.

A great gift for Mother’s day.

‘A Mother’s Love’

My publication ‘A Mother’s Love’ My Mum said…gospels according to Dorothy is now available from Amazon kindle £6.99 to download.

With Mother’s Day on the horizon, for those of us that no longer have their mothers around it is a time often to reflect and remember their love and hopefully the amazing relationship we had and the love they gave. I hope in reading this my story and hers will resonate with many.

Mine was a great mentor and knew all about NLP, CBT and mindfulness she was a natural master and I hope my followers, friends and family will enjoy reading some of ‘Dorothy’s Gospels’.

With my jacket illustration provided by my great nephew Paul Manning it is a family project made with love. Photograph is mum in her ATS uniform and the handwritten note across the photo was presented to me by my daughter when she was very young.


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‘A Mother’s Love’

I am thrilled today as the artwork for my book cover is finalised by the talented Graphics Designer Paul Manning.

‘A Mother’s Love’  ..Gospels according to Dorothy will be available from Amazon kindle in the coming days.


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Friends have been nagging me to write down my amazing mother’s tips and sayings for years. I hope my blog followers will enjoy reading my story and hers.