Stroke Awareness

Whilst supportign the various awareness days and weeks I am neglecting one of my mine awareness campaigns which is of course Strokes.

Over the years I have written many articles on this subject as many people believe that strokes are just happening to the elderly. A stroke can happen at any age and we should all endeavour to keep fit and healthy to cut down the risk factors.

However, many people never find the cause of their stroke and I include myself in that category at the tender age of 43 I could not tick any of the boxes normally associated with strokes.

Equally as important is everyone being aware of the signs to look for to help a loved one to be treated quickly; we have all seen the FAST campaign by The Stroke Association, Face, Arms and Speech..time to call 999.

For anyone recovering from a stroke there is amazing information and support avialable from The Stroke Association’s website but try to keep positive recovery is always enhanced by a positive mind.

Kindness and patience is required remember for Stroke Survivors losing the use of speech or limbs even temporarily is like a mini-bereavement and a very frightening time.


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