Stroke Awareness

Following on from yesterday’s blog dear followers and fellow bloggers keep healthy aside of feeling good, having more energy and looking better you will cut down the risk of heart attack and strokes.

Preventative rather than cure always works for me. If your blood pressure is high, get it checked, if you are having headaches or breathlessness see the GP ; doesn’t mean you have anything sinister going on but they can be signs of a slight adjustment in diet or health style may be called for.

I know my consultant said if he had his way he would have everyone on Asprin a day in their 40’s and, as medical opinion continue to report, it can be a real health benefit.

The most important thing is if you suspect somebody is having a stroke ring 999 the quicker they get help the more of the person you can save and that’s a fact. On a more positive note people do recover from strokes, some fully.

I remember one of our guinea pigs had a stroke and the vet we saw wanted to put him to sleep…I said no! Having had a stroke myself I wasn’t written off so why should he be! With a great deal of tlc, massage and love he recovered. Though his head was on a slight slant but we agreed it just made him look cuter..he lived a long time after.




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