Is my cat listening?

OK I confess I  am known as ‘crazy cat woman‘ with friends buying me signs and mugs stating this obvious fact.

Seriously, I am certain I am not alone in talking to my cats. The other day Maisy and I were deep in conversation about just how daft Lenny (the tom cat brother from another mother) is.

I found myself telling her how clever and pretty she was and received a rather blank stare I found myself explaining what pretty meant and using other words to describe my beautiful furry friend. More worrying was that this conversation was said out loud and not in my head.

The six million dollar question to be answered I guess is…Is my Cat listening? And, secondly, just how good is her vocabulary anyway? I always encourage everyone to learn a new word a day so I don’t see my feline friend should be left out.

With apologies to Lenny as I did find him reading a book the other night. (I have photographic proof too)!!

Regular followers: No need for concern the blood sugar level is a bit low this morning and normal service will be resumed shortly.


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