Productive Mondays

As the crazy cat woman in the village I am constantly awake so very early in the morning increasingly becoming annoying. But today I made my mind up to make use of the ‘wide awake’ time and get cracking on the ever growing ‘to do’ list. I have crossed off so many admin jobs I now feel confident that I deserve a screen break …and yes of course a chocolate treat.

Mondays can often drag..but only if you let them. A great friend (also freelance) and I often start Mondays off with a breakfast meeting and in view of the long and unsociable hours we both dedicate to our work and voluntarily helping others.. why not!

After lunch I may even attack the Sage Accounts oh the joys of being self-employed it’s not all honey you know -multi-tasking or what.


The Little Book of Kisses


As Valentine looms the shops are full of cards and the usual chocolate hearts..but how about something different this year?

‘The Little Book of Kisses’ by Dolly Christmas is now available to download to Kindle from Amazon. At £3.50 is a good fun book for somebody you love or if you fancy having a chuckle about the joys of kissing. To quote an ex-boyfriend ‘Kissing is serious fun!’


Cover illustration by Paul Manning


Bereavement is a painful journey

At my age I am surrounded by friends and extended family members who are sadly losing parents and other elderly relatives and friends. On the positive side people are living longer although the end of their life may then be challenging with health issues.

As I reminded a lovely close friend today;  however difficult it is we mustn’t allow grief to consume us but try to remind ourselves of positive aspects of our loved one’s life and character. Moreover remember to be grateful for the small things in our own lives that daily we too often take for granted.

As any good publication or article on mindfulness will suggest take time to enjoy even the simplest of activities whether that be doing the crossword, drinking your coffee or savouring that last square of chocolate. Doing something for you is not selfish it’s self-preservation.

The fast pace of life and the technological world in which we live keep us racing through life rather than living it to its best. As I also reminded a young working mother earlier today: Our crazy schedule is actually within our control if we so choose…and breathe easy.


Feeling healthier and fighting stress

At the start of the year we all make various promisess to ourselves about being happier, being more successful, being fitter, slimmer etc the list is endless. The trouble is maybe we set too many challenges at once and set ourselves up to fail.

Ideally and honestly be more realistic in what you want to achieve and set yourself a realistic time frame in which to work to. Tiny steps that are easy to manage and maintain will always work better. Sometimes we are inspired by that summer holiday to eat healthier and trim down but whilst those targets are good they are too often not changes for life.

For those really wanting to make a difference to how they feel and look the diet and exercise change has to be life-long to really feel the benefits not just visually but physically. Healthy mind, healthy body … understanding why and when we eat the wrong things (comfort eating) it will be easier to then change our relationship with food for the better and, longer term, is without the best way.

Often people get into a cycle of feeling lethargic through eating all the wrong things then feeling too sluggish to exercise and so the cycle begins. We all go through periods of denial and excuse making but once we regain a healthier state we achieve more and therefore feel less stressed.The cycle we then reach and live within is one of positivity and healthy well-being.

Let’s make 2017 the year to feel healthier and happier it’s actually far easier than you fear.

Where is your heaven?

I remain sitting on the fence as to whether or not there is a heaven. I know my mother believed there was such a place but reminded us to make our own heaven here on earth…sound advice.

After a long day of paperwork and ruthlessly clearing out lots of home office ‘stuff’. paperless society?? Not in my home.  I treated myself to a relax and came across a beautiful film on Netflix. ‘Heaven is for real’. Based on a true story of a young boy who not only had a near death experience but felt he had visited heaven.

Fot those of my followers who are fighting their chocolate addiction..that is not Thorntons or Hotel Chocoate either!

When working through a spiritual healing course I read many an emotive book on similar subjects and if your faith leads you to the conclusion that heaven does exist all well and good.

For today I am concentrating on organising my life here on earth and living it as positively and lovingly as I can.


After the long Christmas and New Year break it is very hard to get back on track and re-focus one’s mind on our careers and/or studying.

With the return to University for the January exams I wish all students well. Remember: plenty of sleep, keep well-hydrated and have regular breaks from the studying. Exercise if you have time as that is so important to well-being, and, dare I say a little sugar treat now and then.  During exams keep both of your feet firmly on the floor being grounded really helps with concentration and helps one relax. If your legs are in knots so are you!

I know a little of how you feel  I have two courses waiting my attention and focus so less of the procastinating and more action Ms M.

Part of my new year’s action plan is to be more tidier…getting there it’s a slow process and my deadline is to have made great in-roads by the weekend.

The magic of Christmas

I had an interesting chat with a client today about how magical it is when our children believe in that man with the red and white outfit, chubby red face and white beard.

I know a family member had been concerned that there was no chimney for him to get down so how would his presents be delivered? Now that’s a darn good question from a child who has seriously thought things through. All joking apart it is a sad day, when it comes, when they realise the tooth fairy is really mum and that Father Christmas is dad dressed up.

I remember one year hiding presents in a neighbour’s house and ‘Dad’ going to collect them ready for Christmas morning, it had been snowing so subsequently there was a trail of foot prints to the door. My daughter was very excited when she saw these and that Father Christmas had indeed been…and left gifts.

Trying to keep the child within us alive becomes more difficult as we grow up but remembering those halycon days brings back that warm feeling.

I recall my last Christmas before my father died and how my mum had let me have a sneaky peek at my dolls house. I can smell that turkey cooking and if I close my eyes I can see mum having her glass of sherry as she busily prepared for the madness that was Christmas with five children.

The drinks of that era were of course babycham, snowballs and for dad it was whisky and ginger. The chocolate decorations on the tree were really brilliant in those days too, umbrellas, watches and little slithers of chocolate tied up as parcels. Anybody remember the liquorice novelties?

Chocolate week

We are frequently being told that a certain day or week is for celebrating or increasing awareness for one charity or cause…this week I am informed it is Chocolate Week.

I am personally aware how good chocolate is good in terms of feeling good but as a wise woman once told me ‘all things in moderation’.

However, I know when i was very ill many years ago a hospital ‘expert’ told me chocolate was good for me…I knew that! Joking aside we know that it is a mood enhancer and a quick energy boost but ensure the cocoa content is high and the fat low!

Enjoy the indulgence but balance it out with a bit of exercise…maybe a walk to the sweet shop.



Lordy another birthday and I have posted on a facebook birthday wish that I am getting older and wider. It’s the truth.

I am so fortunate to have such lovely friends and family who have been spoiling me all week. My house looks like a florist, more chocolate yum… but my best gift is my lovely daughter home for a girly day.

We may have more than one reason to celebrate family baby due and it would be grand if she (I think it’s a she) or he makes an appearance today.

Those that know me also know its a bittersweet day for our family and I am mindful that whilst it’s got easier.. we all still think of my wonderful mum, not just this day but everyday.

Love, support and cherish those you hold dear.


Walking and talking

I am very fortunate in that I have a good circle of lovely female friends some with dogs and some without who like to walk and talk. It is good to get away from our environments, get some fresh air and share.

Everybody leads such busy lives and far too often we resort to;’how are you?’ text message but meeting and actually connecting with friends is far better for us emotionally and physically.

On mornings like today it would have been a crime not to take my screen break early and get some exercise..and for those living locally to me…yes that was me sneaking into the Hub for hot chocolate and cake..well it is my birthday week come on guys.

Seriously, if you know a family member or friend is struggling get them out of the house for a little break away and give them the opportunity to talk freely.

Stay positive, be healthy and of course be mindful enjoy the day.