Finding time to relax

Life is one continual rush for most people  I meet and finding time for one’s self is so often put to the end of the list. It is not a crime to want mind space for yourself or to take time out to do something you enjoy.

I have been recovering from rather painful tooth abscess and extraction and was pleased to receive a great gift in the post. An adult colouring book!! I know I have teased many female friends and family members for indulging in this trend the past year or so…but I am now hooked.

For my screen break yesterday I coloured in a few very fine cats using my lovely coloured pencils bought for me by my daughter and it was a very calming and enjoyable session.My book also had little cat poems and thought provoking quotes.

I am currently working with and researching ways to help various clients in stroke recovery and/or dementia sufferers and I will be using this creative relaxer alongside my other sensory and reminiscence writing work.

So whether it be colouring in, listening to music of reading that book…just do it. Don’t feel guilty and be like me go the whole hog and eat a crunchie bar too.

Happy weekend fellow bloggers and followers.


Meeting our dreams head on

Last week I had the privilege of minding my great nephew who is a joy. During our fun time he asked if I was the wishing tree. Good question. He then asked me what I would wish for. Keeping it child friendly my list included, a giant bar of chocolate, the biggest ice cream in the world and my own animal zoo. This was met with great laughter. Seriously, there are not many things I wish for aside of good health for me and mine. I am fully aware money doesn’t in itself bring happiness but it would enable me to have that zoo.

In life it is very hard to focus and remain positive when trying to pursue our own dreams whilst, keeping a home running, supporting our children, extended family and friends, running a business and sometimes receiving a rejection no when maybe we want to hear a ‘yes’.

Even the most positive of characters are allowed to feel down sometimes. I have to confess for me today was one of those rare times. I have just made a cup of coffee, eaten a few squares from a not so giant bar of chocolate and reminded myself to feel grateful.

However, I am a grateful person and try where possible to help people if not with practical help of a physical nature I certainly do spiritually,supporting my friends, sharing advice and hopefully through my writing.

I can hear the voice of a good friend who will remind me the latest ‘nowas not God’s plan.. Don’t you think it would be good if we could take a sneaky look at that plan and therefore avoid time wasting exercises? and…SMILE!

I have a really brilliant weekend planned with a great friend, perfect timing. Off to a Global Women’s event to re-feed my spiritual self and hear from and be inspired by talented speakers.

Blog done now to finish that bar of chocolate and re-focus on my dreams.


Knowing our limitations

I know like many I am terribly hard on myself and always setting the bar high to achieve and be the best I can be.

However, there are some days where we may not be so full of energy and our dynamic streak seems to be having a little nap. So on these days do we look at the list of things to do and cherry pick? Yes, why not!

I have always maintained that at times we may not be able to deliver our very best so recognising that isn’t an admission of failure but more of a case of knowing our limitations…even if for one day.

Tomorrow will be another day and not only will we achieve that higher level but we may be inspired to do something a different way…and perhaps that breathing space is just what was needed.

I am applying this to my own projects today, one is very demanding and I am thinking my level of chocolate intake may not be high enough to cope! My torture instead will be the neglected admin stuff. Ugh!

Now knowing one’s limitations where chocolate concerned is a whole other subject for a blog…another day.

Remember followers please keep hydrated we all under-estimate the value of water balance in our bodies..I am certain I was a mermaid in another life.


Play time

I was reminded yesterday how phrases once the norm as a child sound so funny when finally we have grown up?

Play time..a time of fun becomes ‘break/free period’ as our schooling becomes more serious and focused.

Lunch hour (for those 9-5 office workers) not for the self-employed means just that.

Mine may be quick jog around the common, bowl of soup whilst watching the news with one eye on the lap top. More often than not a sudden realisation come five o’clock that lunch came and went and I am starting to feel a bit peckish and a chocolate bar is calling.

Maybe we should find more time to play but we just need the right distraction and willing play-mate… it can be so boring being grown up.

Last night a friend told me her four year old daughter who was being high-spirited and when told off by Daddy replied:-

‘No you grumpy wizard!’ Love love love it!

She will go far making people laugh is half the battle, keeping them amused not so easy.









Listen to the grime

I had a short lesson in grime music with my daughter recently. I will probably be in trouble saying this but I think it’s rapping. Seriously, She played me a few tracks and showed me a few dance moves and I did my very best…to howls of laughter.

She played me a track by Drake and the words were;

 ‘Started from the bottom now we’re here’

A good message for the young that we do indeed have to start somewhere and build our way up…sometimes against the odds. So as an adult I would suggest we are not so quick to be dismissive of this style of music. Admittedly some tracks have some colourful language which I prefer not to hear.

Whilst learning my new moves I picked up one phrase in a Stormsy track;

‘Hot chocolate and a pannini to go’…that’s lunch sorted.

As I frequently say on my blog…we are never too old to learn something new and I’m off to practice those skanky leg movements. (If you can do the Charleston you may be in with a chance.)

I knew I still have it… I just can’t remember where I put it!


Don’t worry…eat chocolate

We all spend far too much time worrying about things and as my amazing mother used to say;  ‘Worrying about things won’t change them and it’s just time out of your life wasted.’ and of course as usual she was right! We knew these as Dorothy’s teachings now known as mindfulness and both are explored lovingly in my book ‘A Mother’s Love’.

One can be aware of something without the necessity of allowing it to become all consuming, but opt to moving on to the next thought process to dilute its importance.  Standing back, reflecting, accepting and thinking ‘In the scheme of things’ one could soon realise the concerned thought is in fact trivia and not worthy of the time and mind space or level of anxiety.

Half of our deep seated worries will never come to fruition and the other half ….do not actually exist! The following statistics may help prove this; 40% will never happen, 30% are related to the past which one cannot do anything about, 12% unfounded health concerns, 10% too petty to even worry about, 4% substantially beyond our control = 96% so one can see what we are left with …not much to worry about at all really so we must continue to keep our faith (whatever that may be), remain positive  and stop worrying.

However, in case of real emergencies I strongly recommend chocolate and yes it is good for your health. But all things in moderation eh?